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  • Day 1 - Wednesday, February 23rd
  • Day 2 - Thursday, February 24th
  • Day 3 - Friday, February 25th
Day 1 - Wednesday, February 23rd
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Acacia Parks, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Found

9:10am PST

Keynote Presentation: Using Virtual Care and Digital Solutions to Care for Veterans

The Honorable David J. Shulkin, M.D., Ninth Secretary, The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

9:35am PST

Keynote Panel Discussion: How can Utilizing Digital Therapeutics Provide Better Care to the Veteran Population?

The VA has a unique process that creates specific needs and challenges in serving veterans. This panel will explore how to address the veteran population with digital therapeutics whether through a large employer or by partnering directly with the VA. Providing care for veterans is no longer just about contracting with the VA. Many employers have taken measures to provide better care to their veteran employees.

  • Hear from those who have experience partnering with the VA: the process, timing and challenges of creating these partnerships?
  • How is the VA structured and what are the best ways to penetrate the VA?
  • What are the different ways of contracting with the VA?
  • How important is clinical evidence when the VA considers new technology?
  • How can employers serve veteran employees with digital therapeutics?

Debra Reisenthel, Founding CEO, Freespira
Joe Perekupka
, Chief Commercial Officer, EVERSANA
Ryan Sadlo
, VP, Growth, Wellsheet
Ruth Lowenthal, VP, Total Rewards, Xcel Energy

10:15am PST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

10:55am PST

Fireside Chat: What’s next: Transition from Private to Public for a Digital Health Company

As the digital therapeutics industry matures, we have been witness to a number of mergers, acquisitions and exits across the space. However, more than 80% of companies that achieved a public exit did it through a SPAC merger. This session, led by leading companies who have achieved just that, will deep dive into the ‘how’s, why’s and what’s next’ in becoming a publicly traded digital therapeutics company.

Julia Strandberg, Chief Commercial Officer, Pear Therapeutics
Charlie Steel, Chief Financial Officer, Babylon

11:35am PST

Presentation: An Insight into a Corporate VC Funds Approach at Investing and Partnering within the Digital Therapeutics Industry

  • Planting seeds and building the portfolio
  • Building momentum and engaging the corporate parent
  • Acting as a bridge between corporate parent and startups

Lana Ghanem, Managing Director, Hikma Ventures

12:00pm PST

Panel Discussion: What is the True Value within Digital Health?

In the first half of 2021  $14.7 Billion was raised by Digital Health startups, surpassing the total funding raised in 2020 within the industry. With such a massive injection of capital, digital therapeutics have the opportunity to accelerate their growth and truly establish themselves within healthcare. This panel, led by experts in the field, will dive into the intricacies of raising capital and the potential implications of injecting such huge capital into the space.

  • Why have we seen such an influx in funding and value within the digital therapeutics industry in 2021?
  • Is this influx a natural progression or has the global pandemic catalyzed the value of the industry?
  • What are the opportunities for digital therapeutics companies that come with this injection of value into the industry?
  • What are the potential implications for this rapid increase of value into the industry?
  • What steps can the industry take to ensure it continues on this upward trajectory?
  • What is the role of corporate venture capital vs institutional VCs?
  • An insight into funding and building the next generation of digital therapeutics companies

David Stevenson, Managing Director, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
Santosh Shanbhag, Chief Financial Officer, Akili Interactive
Randall Stanicky, Chief Financial Officer, Click Therapeutics
Cris De Luca, Global Head, Digital Investments, Sanofi Ventures
Bilal Khan, Chief Financial Officer, Happify Health

12:40pm PST

Lunch and Networking

2:00pm PST

Panel Discussion: Exploring the Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Digital Therapeutics and Employers

The integration of digital therapeutics into the employer landscape has seen success over recent years. With the adoption of digital health tools, employees are able to stay healthy while also being productive at work. This, of course, leads to increased happiness, productivity and less time out of the office while also allowing for a reliable revenue stream for the DTx partner. This panel, led by experienced leaders in the space, will dive into why the DTx and employer partnership could be a match made in heaven.

  • Are large employers exploring digital health tools for employee benefits and total rewards?
  • How can digital therapeutics integrate into employee benefits?
  • Are large employer partnerships a reliable reimbursement pathway for digital therapeutics companies?
  • How can DTx companies begin the conversation with large employers?
  • Will digital therapeutics be a mainstay in the future of employee benefits?

Jennifer Paisley, VP, Total Rewards & HR Operations, Valmont Industries

More Speakers to be Announced

2:40pm PST

Presentation: The Intersection between Pharma and Digital Therapeutics – Industry Insights from Both Sides

Digital therapeutics companies are flexible, fast-moving and have seen growth at an exponential level. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, traditionally work at a slower rate and are slower to adopt new changes within healthcare. In an industry where partnerships have both blossomed and cracked apart, this session, led by an expert who has worked in both industries, will explore the differences, similarities and key takeaways on how best to work successfully  with each other.

  • What are the similarities and differences between digital therapeutics companies in the digital health field?
  • Can we identify some of the friction points in the intrinsic processes between digital therapeutics companies and pharma companies?
  • How can DTx companies and Pharma best work together to compliment the strengths of each stakeholder for a mutually beneficial partnership?

Blake Schiller, Vice President, Marketing, Akili Interactive
Melinda Decker, Former Chief Commercial Officer, Mymee

3:10pm PST

Panel Discussion: What does ‘Digital’ mean to Pharma?

Over recent years, we’ve seen the pharmaceutical industry become more involved with digital healthcare through external partnerships and internal efforts. However, the exact role of digital changes from company to company. This panel, led by the experts of digital within pharma, will explore exactly what digital means to them and their respective organisations.

  • What does digital mean to your respective pharmaceutical company?
  • How does digital health align with pharma’s traditional therapeutics approach?
  • What are pharma’s preferences in their digital health efforts? Partnering, in-house development or both?
  • Is digital a part of the mainstream efforts of the pharmaceutical industry? If not, when will this be the case?
  • What role does Pharma play in measuring outcomes?
  • How can Pharma create successful partnerships with advocacy and technology partners to advance digital strategies?

Steve Peretz, Director, Health Experience & Product Strategy, Appnovation
Josh Raysman, VP, Digital Innovation Lab, Pfizer
Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer, Almirall
Judith Reece, VP, Digital Development, GSK

3:50pm PST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

4:30pm PST

Presentation: Innovating Around the Needs of the Patient

While innovating within the healthcare industry, keeping the patient at the center of the discussion is crucial to ensure impactful health outcomes. As a healthcare payer, identifying the right digital product to adopt and providing them to the right patient is paramount in creating an effective and streamlined healthcare system. This session will explore, from the payer perspective, what it means to innovate around the needs of the patients.

  • How are payers working with patient groups to ensure they are cultivating the right digital product for the right patient?
  • Are payers falling victim to ‘Shiny Hammer Syndrome’ and how can we work against this?
  • How can digital therapeutics companies work with payers to streamline value-based adoption of digital tools for the patients?

Omid Toloui, VP, Innovation, Anthem

4:55pm PST

Panel Discussion: Defining the Standards for Payer Evaluation of DTx

Digital therapeutics have demonstrated both clinical and economic value within healthcare. However, the uptake of digital therapeutics by payers has been slow and ongoing. This panel, led by a mix of innovative payers and leading DTx companies, will outline how standardising payer evaluation of digital therapeutics could lead to increased payer adoption, reliable DTx reimbursement and accelerated adoption by patients.

  • What are payers looking for when assessing coverage for a digital therapeutic?
  • Is there a standard for payer evaluation of digital therapeutics?
  • How can we streamline the process of connecting payers and DTx companies for increased and improved coverage?
  • Is value-based contracting the best path forward for DTx & payer partnerships?
  • Is it possible to set a defined process for digital therapeutics companies to get in front of payers?

Corrado Panno, VP, Business Development, Magellan Health
Theresa Juday, Director, Speciality Product, CVS Caremark
Katya Siddall, VP, Product Development & Innovation, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
Alex Waldron, Chief Executive Officer, Wellinks

5:10pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Acacia Parks, Chief Behavioral Health Officer, Found

5:35pm PST

End of DTx West Day 1

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Day 2 - Thursday, February 24th
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

9:10am PST

Keynote Presentation: An Insight into the Mind of a Digital Therapeutics Prescriber

Although established across numerous healthcare systems within and outside of the US, the uptake of digital therapeutics by providers has been a slow process. This session, led by real prescribers of digital therapeutics, will dive into the intricacies of provider adoption and the process of implementing digital therapeutics into a patients healthcare journey.

Audrey Kern, Global Medical Director, Pear Therapeutics

9:35am PST

Fireside Chat: Building Creative Partnerships within Digital Therapeutics – A MedRhythms & Universal Music Group Case Study

Since the inception of the digital therapeutics industry, we’ve seen a number of partnerships between DTx companies and various stakeholders within the field blossom and prove impactful. However, these partnerships are typically between Payer Groups, Providers Systems, Pharma and Government Bodies. The session, led by the pioneers within two seemingly distinct industries, will explore the intricacies of thinking outside the box and building creative partnerships to improve both patient outreach and outcomes.

  • How and why has this partnership between MedRhythms and Universal Music Group come to fruition?
  • What opportunities can this partnership provide for each respective company?
  • How does this partnership differ from the more traditional partnerships we’ve seen over recent years within the DTx industry?
  • How will this partnering of two industry leaders aid in reaching more patients and improving health outcomes?
  • Is it time to start thinking more creatively around the partners digital therapeutics companies are working with and are partnerships like this likely to be more common in the future?
  • What excites you about this partnership?

Brian Harris, Co-Founder & CEO, MedRhythms
Representative from Universal Music Group

10:15am PST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

10:55am PST

Panel Discussion: How can Digital Therapeutics Companies & Providers Groups Collaborate for Greater Efficiency and Transparency?

Although we’ve seen some success in the market for digital therapeutics, uptake by providers has been off to a slow start. However, over recent years we’ve seen more innovation provider groups utilize these new therapeutic approaches with success. This session, led by frontline healthcare providers and digital therapeutic companies, will explore how the integration of digital therapeutics into the healthcare system can lead to both higher quality of care and improve clinical success.

Santosh Mohan, VP, Digital, Moffitt Cancer Center
Leanne Mauriello, Director, Lifestyle Medicine, Spectrum Health
Francisco Rhein, System VP, IT Innovation & Digital Care Transformation, CommonSpirit Health
Alankar Gupta, VP, Medical Affairs & Clinical Development, Click Therapeutics
Ema Offidani, Director of Clinical Science, Lumos Labs

11:35am PST

Presentation: Patient Recruitment in DTx Clinical Trials – Why DTx Trials Require Unique Approaches

Adam Samson, Senior Director, Clinical Operations & Customer Success, Curebase

12:00pm PST

Presentation: Providing the Industry with an Update on the Clinical Landscape within Digital Therapeutics

  • An in-depth look as to if there is a defined bar of validation set for digital therapeutic clinical trials
  • Do FDA and non-FDA regulated Digital therapeutics require different levels of validation or should it be uniform?
  • A look at the current requirements for DTx clinical trials to be considered successful.

Gina Kackloudis, Director of Clinical Operations, Happify Health

12:25pm PST

Lunch and Networking

1:30pm PST

Presentation: How Big Health are Tackling Wider Mental Health Issues by Addressing Sleep

  • An insight into the recent study looking into the prevalence of mental health and insomnia across multiple populations
  • What is the impact of under-served populations on mental health?
  • How are Big Health addressing wider mental health issues starting with sleep as a starting point?

Colin Espie, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Big Health

1:55pm PST

Presentation: Intelligent Healing

There is a need to usher in a new era of care, one that better connects the body and mind and shortens the growing distance between need and care. At Happify Health, we call this Intelligent Healing and we deliver it by configuring personalized digital therapeutics and care solutions to deliver each person the care they need.

Intelligent Healing starts with the science of changing behavior and is delivered  via an integrated clinical grade technology platform that can seamlessly connect patients to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want:

  • We use a richer set of data to give a more realistic view of the whole person and use Artificial Intelligence to enable the delivery of hyper-personal care journeys at scale. This enables care to be delivered more precisely with greater velocity and higher quality.
  • We employ a ‘factory based’ approach to design and deploy a range of evidence based non-prescription and prescription digital therapeutics
  • Our method of action is a diverse and clinically validated range of Therapeutic Media based on evidence-based interventions, care that people want to spend time with

Intelligent Healing creates  higher quality outcomes and can unlock new value across all stakeholders. Perhaps most importantly, it has the potential to usher in a new era of care: one that is simpler, more connected, hyper-personal and responsive.

Chris Wasden, Head of Pharma Speciality Solutions & Corporate Strategy, Happify Health

2:20pm PST

Panel Discussion: Designing Digital Therapeutics around the Needs of the Patients

Digital therapeutics have the potential to deliver the holy grail in healthcare: tangible health outcomes and an engaging patient experience.  And yet, building agile processes and quality management in a regulated environment can be enigmatic for teams. This session will explore what it looks like in practice to design DTx around both patient needs and FDA regulations and guidance, and what types of partnerships and processes can help us get there.

  • What role does a Summative Validation Study play in preparing a new DTx for the market? What defines ‘success’?
  • What are the high level expectations of a validation study from the FDA’s standpoint?
  • Where do Human Factors professionals see in-house pitfalls?
  • How do you know your product designs are ready? (E.g. ‘final’?)
  • What are the key lessons learned from completing a summative study? How can teams continue with continuous improvement?
  • Are ‘agile’ vs ‘regulated’ processes in conflict or complementary?

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager, MedRhythms
Jackie Ulaszek, Partner, Bold Insight
Sam Alpher, Director, Bold Insight

3:00pm PST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:40pm PST

Presentation: Incorporating Disparate Feedback (UX, SME, Clinical Outcomes & Analytics) Into Product Development

Jessica Lake, Chief Science Officer, Limbix

4:05pm PST

Presentation: Building a Digital Therapeutics Product in a Regulated Environment

The digital therapeutics industry is packed with novel and innovative digital solutions for numerous disease states. However, not all digital therapeutics are built the same. This session, led by the experts in product development, will dive into the intricacies of building a digital health solution while holding ourselves accountable to the clinical, product and design boundaries while also building the foundations for creating health equity.

  • What are the key lessons learned of building a digital therapeutics product within a regulated environment?
  • How can digital therapeutics companies hold themselves accountable within the clinical, product and design boundaries of the industry?
  • How can digital therapeutics companies create the foundations to ensure health equity within the industry?
  • An insight into the importance of basing digital therapeutic development for widespread inclusion across social determinants

Venkat Rao, Director of product Development, Big Health

4:45pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

4:50pm PST

End of DTx West Day 2

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Day 3 - Friday, February 25th
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

9:05am PST

Presentation: Using Digital Therapeutics to Improve Women’s Health Across the Lifespan

  • What is the unmet need within women’s health that Bone Health Technologies are addressing with digital therapeutics?
  • An insight into finance building the digital solution
  • A deep dive into the routes to market and commercialization of digital therapeutics

Laura Yecies, Chief Executive Officer, Bone Health Technologies

9:30am PST

Presentation: Case Study Presentation by S-Alpha Therapeutics

  • A first-look at S-Alpha Therapeutics Clinical Data
  • An insight into S-Alpha Therapeutics approach at developing digital solutions for multiple disease areas
  • What’s next for S-Alpha Therapeutics?

SeungEun Choi, Chief Executive Officer, S-Alpha Therapeutics

Yong-Sun Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, S-Alpha Therapeutics

9:55am PST

Presentation: 5 Ways We’ve Conquered our Fear of Being Truly Patient Centric

Most digital health companies have the good intention of being human centric whilst oftentimes ignoring the human context behind restrictive medical models. This can be boiled down to being fearful of radical truth from patients and having to face the reality that their product might not produce the desired outcomes on both the human experience and medical side. This showcase will highlight what we’ve learned on our successful journey to co-build the Quin app with hundreds of people with diabetes still involved in our daily operations.

  • How has Quin enabled true patient centricity when developing and offering the digital health solution to diabetes patients?
  • How can digital therapeutics companies include patients early on in their developmental journey?
  • How are Quin continuing to include patients as they grow and scale their digital therapeutic?

Cyndi Williams, Founder & CEO, Quin

10:20am PST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

11:00am PST

Presentation: Functional Innovation for Global Disease-Modifying DTx

Patients are the center of all our innovations. But are we thinking globally enough? We take a look at how a global, patient-first approach to functional innovation can push the industry forward. 

  • Why less could mean more for gaining traction and speed in implementation
  • How to bring “the new normal” to today’s “normal
  • What can we do to globalize DTx?

Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA AG

11:20am PST

Panel Discussion: Where does Innovation need to Occur Within the Industry to Continue Advancing Digital Therapeutics?

Ben Rosner, Associate Professor, University of California, San Francisco
John Krakauer, Chief Medical Advisor, MindMaze

12:00pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Abhishek Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Wellthy Therapeutics

12:05pm PST

Close of DTx West 2022

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