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  • Day 1 - Wednesday, February 22nd
  • Day 2 - Thursday, February 23rd
  • Day 3 - Friday, February 24th
Day 1 - Wednesday, February 22nd
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Amber Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Note Therapeutics

9:10am PST

Keynote Panel: What are the Building Blocks for Making a Successful Digital Therapeutic in  Healthcare Today?

  • How has digital healthcare evolved over the past 5 years?
  • What does the current landscape look like today?
  • What are the fundamental elements to making a successful digital therapeutic product?
  • Are some factors more impactful than others? Where should companies focus their attention?
  • Where do digital healthcare companies seem to be tripping up?

Moderator:  Owen McCarthy, President & Co-Founder, MedRhythms

Shah Nawaz, Chief Technology Officer / Vice President of Digital Technologies & Engineering, Regeneron

Omid Toloui, Vice President, Innovation, Elevance Health

Elena Mustatea, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Bold Health

Edmondo Robinson, Chief Digital Officer, Moffitt Cancer Center

Jodi Prohofsky, Chief Operating Officer, ieso

9:50am PST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Details Matter: The Evolution of Evidence Standards in Digital Health

Digital health evidence standards are evolving rapidly. More than 60 frameworks have been proposed to assess evidentiary support for digital health interventions. This poses challenges to digital health solutions providers (DHSPs) who wish to generate compelling clinical evidence. How might current standards of evidence quality change by the time a trial concludes? Which standards are most aligned with an organization’s vision and strategy? This session will address the past, present, and ideal future states of evidence standards for digital health interventions. We will discuss concrete steps that may help DHSPs future proof their evidence generation strategy in this rapidly evolving space. Key gaps in the field will be explored. Finally, our expert panel will suggest concrete steps that may help close current gaps and accelerate progress in digital health.

  • Understand concrete steps that may help digital health solutions providers “future proof” their evidence generation strategy.
  • Increase understanding around the current state of evidence standards in digital health.
  • Appreciate the importance of “fundamentals” in digital health trials.`
  • Know how to avoid common pitfalls in evidence generation for digital health interventions.
  • Increase awareness of key gaps and opportunities to advance the field.

Jordan Silberman, Director of Clinical Analytics & Research, Elevance Health

Jennifer Goldsack, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Medicine Society

Steve Schwartz, Head of Clinical Science & Innovation, Tridiuum

David Klonoff, President, Diabetes Technology Society

Siavash Sarlati, Medical Director, Digital Care Delivery Elevance Health

10:30am PST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

DTx West will now split into two tracks. Attendees are welcome to attend either Track 1 or Track 2 and swap between them during the course of the day.

Track 1 | Evidence

11:00am PST

Presentation: The Do’s and Dont’s When Running a Digital Therapeutics Clinical Trial

  • Important factors not to overlook in running a digital health clinical trial
  • What can new companies entering the industry do to ensure they launch an effective clinical trial?
  • What does a ‘good’ clinical trial look like?

Jessica Lake, Chief Science Officer, Limbix

11:25am PST 

Presentation: Conducting Quality-Driven Trials for Digital Therapeutics

  • A review of key regulations applicable to DTx research
  • What to consider when selecting vendor partners for your study
  • Common challenges seen in DTx trials and how to pivot if/when they arise

Whitney Stewart, Director of Clinical Project Management, Curebase

11:50am PST

Panel Discussion: Adapting the Future of DTx Clinical Trials

  • An outline of the current state of affairs within digital health clinical trials 
  • Are we where we expected to be today? 
  • What are the fundamental barriers that affect digital therapeutic clinical trial pathways?
  • What are the pros and cons of using decentralized clinical trials over a site-based system?
  • How are companies working to combat concerns regarding socio-economic, gender and racial equity in clinical trials?
  • What seems to be holding decentralized clinical trials back from being fully adopted? 
  • How are companies planning to innovate clinical trials? 
  • Where must we see regulatory changes made to help reshape digital therapeutic clinical trials?
  • How far do we still have to go and how do we get there?

Jessica McKinney, VP, Medical Affairs and Clinical Advocacy, Renovia

Ramita Tandon, Chief Clinical Trials Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

Athena Robinson, Chief Clinical Officer, Woebot Health

Jason Kahn, Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder, Mightier


Track 2 | Value

11:00am PST

Presentation: Digital Care for All: How Digital Therapeutics are Solving Global Healthcare Challenges

  • Learn about novel applications of DTx in Asia and other Emerging markets 
  • Understand how solutions in Asia and emerging markets are solving similar challenges faced in the US/EU
  • Discuss how DTx companies, providers, payers and other stakeholders from the US/EU can leverage emerging market models
  • Discuss how DTx companies in Asia and emerging markets can access US/EU markets

Theo Ahadome, Chief Business Officer, Wellthy Therapeutics

11:25am PST

Panel Discussion: Creative Commercial Pathways: What Else Works?

  • There are several commercial models that exist for DTx outside of those seeking claims-based reimbursement as PDTs
  • Highlight differences in product profiles between PDTs and those using alternate commercial models
  • Discuss potential customer segments – employers, providers, health plans both through claims and through vendor
  • Share examples of DTx, digital health, and virtual care companies and products that use these various models
  • With reimbursement and adoption continuing to be an obstacle, how are companies innovating business models to maintain growth?
  • Who should DTx companies be thinking of partnering with to help scale-up business?
  • What actions must we see moving forward from all stakeholders in the industry to break DTx in mainstream healthcare?

Ronen Jashek, Co-Founder & COO, Theranica

Adam Kaufman, Former GM & SVP, Healthcare & Diabetes, Formally WW

John Drakenberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Therapeutics

Patricia Bradley, Chief Commercial Officer, MindMaze


12:30pm PST

Lunch and Networking

Track 1 | Evidence

2:00pm PST

Presentation: Clinical Trial Innovation Using  High Sensitivity Digital Endpoints: A Case Study Using SV95C, the First EMA Qualified Digital Endpoint for use in Pivotal Trials in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

  • How high sensitivity digital endpoints can provide unique disease insights
  • Regulators accept clinically meaningful digital endpoints for drug approval, when captured with valid and suitable technology
  • Health authority qualified digital endpoints can revolutionize pivotal trial design and post-approval disease monitoring

Paul Strijbos, Neurotech Innovation Leader, Roche

2:25pm PST

Fireside Chat: “Having Your Cake and Eating it Too”: A Discussion on How to Extract Value from Embedded AI in DTx While Ensuring Safety, Accessibility and Equity

  • Can AI and machine learning be utilized in DTx be safely integrated in regulated digital platforms?
  • If we can crack the code on how to harness AI to personalize healthcare whilst, will this be the future of digital medicine?

Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer, Welldoc


Track 2 | Value

2:00pm PST

Presentation: Common Pitch Mistakes Causing Investors to “Pass” … and How to Fix Them

Startup founding teams are finding it increasingly difficult to attract investment.  By the time you recognize what mistakes you’ve made in your pitch , it’s usually too late. You’ve missed an opportunity. Unfortunately, you’ll never get a second chance to make that first impression.

  • Goals of the pitch
  • Understanding what your audience really wants
  • Five catastrophic – but common – mistakes in your pitch
  • A proven structure to follow
  • How to adapt pitch materials for product intro conversations with customers

Matthew Tucker, Chief Commercial Officer, Nightware

2:25pm PST

Fireside Chat: Using the DTA’s DTx Value Assessment Guide

  • The DTA Value Assessment Guide serves as a tool for HCDMs and DTx manufacturers to use in assessing baseline information about the product, its value, and impact in real-world settings as they enter into product access and contracting discussions.
  • Here we explore a payer’s experience using the Value Assessment Guide and observe their takeaways
  • What’s holding payers back from  reimbursing digital health products?

Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Jason Parent, Director of Clinical Innovation, Point32Health


3:00pm PST

Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

3:30pm PST

Presentation: Where is Digital Health Today? A Review by the NHS

Lily Tang, Deputy Director Digital Investment Strategy, NHS

3:55pm PST

Panel Discussion: Successfully Innovating as the Regulatory Science Evolves: In 2023, Where Do We Stand and What Do We Do Next?

Rapidly evolving landscape of digital therapeutics  (DTx) are opening doors to a newer set of products, ranging from modern-day software-based medical devices to combinational drug-device products. Such development in the field is exciting and as a regulatory science evolves, brings with it a number of questions around such topics as level of regulatory science evolves, brings with it a number of questions around such topics as level of regulatory oversight, navigating pathways to optimize product strategies, evidentiary needs for regulated DTx products for decision-making and more.

  • How can we see regulatory strategy become a commercial differentiator for digital therapeutics solution?
  • How to bridge modern-day software-based medical devices with the new and past FDA regulations
  • How can identifying the right regulatory pathway for your digital therapeutics impact reimbursement, patient adoption and health outcomes?

Smit Patel, Director of Digital Medicine | Program Lead, Digital Medicine Society

Megan Coder, Chief Policy Officer, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Imein Bousnina, Program Director, US Regulatory Policy, Genentech

Howard Look, Chief Executive Officer, Tidepool

Speaker TBA, FDA

4:45pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Amber Trivedi, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Note Therapeutics

5:00pm PST

End of DTx West Day 1

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Day 2 - Thursday, February 23rd
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA AG

9:10am PST

Keynote Fireside Chat: How Samsung and Kaiser are Using Digital Therapeutics to Improve Patient Care 

  • Insights into the one of the latest DTx partnerships in healthcare
  • How can technology enable standard of care and drive clinical outcomes?
  • How can technology help address health disparities, even during a pandemic?
  • Describe a successful industry-health care organization partnership model and keys to success.

Ricky Choi, Head of Digital Health, Samsung

Speaker TBA, Kaiser Permanente

9:45am PST

Keynote Panel Discussion: What are the Must-Haves That Pharma Look For in DTx: How has this Changed?


  • What are key requirements pharma is looking for in digital health companies?
  • Is pharma’s criteria changing?
  • Where should DTx companies focus their energy when seeking partnerships?
  • What can pharmaceutical companies bring to DTx? When are pharmaceutical partnerships not the answer for DTx companies?
  • Where does the future lie for DTx and Pharmaceutical partnerships?

Moderator: Sarah Jackson, Director of Business Development & Alliance Management, Click Therapeutics

Suhas Krishna, Vice President, Head of Product Management, Digital Health, Bristol Myers Squibb

Melinda Decker, Advisor and Fractional Chief Commercial Officer, Altoida, Inc. 

Brad Gescheider,  Chief Commercial Officer, Woebot Health

Hillel Lehmann,  Vice President, Transformation, Nestle Health Science

10:25am PST

Morning Refreshments & Networking

10:55am PST

Presentation: Case Study: Insights into Acquisitions of DTx: This is How it Happened

  • What’s the roadmap to getting acquired?
  • What to avoid when following this business strategy?
  • Is this what the future business model looks like for digital health companies?

Bazil Azmil, Head of Growth, Mymee

11:20am PST

Panel Discussion: The Current State of DTx from the Eyes of a Digital Health Investor

  • An overview of the current landscape of digital therapeutics from the perspective of an investor
  • What do investors want to see from digital therapeutic companies before they can part with their cash?
  • How is inflation affecting investment?
  • How can investors rope in fund strategies for founders?
  • Is it accurate to compare the large influx in funding off the back of COVID-19  to now?
  • What have we learnt from digital health exits over the past two years?
  • How is the changing environment affecting funding for early stage start-ups and late stage start-ups?
  • Where do we go from here?

Moderator: Faisal Al-Husry, Principal, Hikma Ventures

David Stevenson, Managing Director, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

Raj Pallapothu, Executive Chairman,  Bio 9 Ventures

Galym Imanbayev, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners 

Amanda Way, Principal, Jazz Venture Partners

12:00pm PST

Lunch and Networking

2:00pm PST

Panel Discussion: How Can DTx Leverage Telehealth?

  • The evolution of telehealth and telemedicine since the Covid-19 public health emergency
  • Use of telehealth for prescription of PDTs, patient acquisition and patient support within a DTx platform
  • Which commercial models and therapeutic areas in DTx would benefit most from telehealth?
  • Lessons learnt from adoption of telehealth for patient acquisition and prescription in pharma

Mitchell Fong, Vice President of Virtual Care, Renown Health

Joe Perekupka, Chief Executive Officer, Freespira

Scott Snyder, Chief Digital Officer, EVERSANA

Jamie Meyerson, Vice President, Provider Operations, Maven Clinic

2:40pm PST

Panel Discussion: The Product, Provider and Patient: Provider Experiences with Using and Prescribing DTx

  • Providing patient feedback and first-hand experiences of clinicians in providing patient care using digital therapeutic products
  • Demonstrating uses of partnerships and a precision care model to shorten the gap between need and care for the patient
  • Understanding levels of adoption and incorporating digital therapeutics tools and digital communities for patients post-triage
  • Increasing clinician engagement and key factors that allow for providers to incorporate digital therapeutics into their workflow

Chris Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer, Twill

Alyssa Dietz, Senior Director, Precision Care Strategy, Twill

Patient of Twill

3:20pm PST

Afternoon Refreshments and Networking

3:50pm PST

Presentation: Building the Digital Patient Journey

  • Getting the patients to use your product is one thing, but we must implement strategy to increase retention
  • What is a digital health community?
  • What models do companies have in place to increase adherence?

Bilal Khan, Chief Financial Officer, Twill

4:15pm PST

Panel Discussion: Increasing User Engagement: How to Raise the Patient’s Hand?

  • Why are patient’s apprehensive about using digital health products and how can we address this?
  • What grabs a patient’s attention?
  • Does cultural and socio-economic backgrounds impact patient engagement of DTx products?
  • How are companies planning to increase user awareness and education of digital health?
  • Which business strategies are showing the most success and retention?

Moderator: Elise Vierra, Director of Content, Limbix

Lani Hessen, VP of Patient Access, Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Ricky Choi, Head of Digital Health, Samsung

Megan Jones Bell, Clinical Director, Consumer & Mental Health, Google

Yusuf Sherwani, Co-Founder & CEO, Quit Genius

4:55pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Matthias Zenker, Chief Medical Solutions Officer, GAIA AG

5:00pm PST

End of DTx West Day 2

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Day 3 - Friday, February 24th
8:00am PST

Registration & Networking | Conference Platform Opens

9:00am PST

Chairs Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Joe Perekupka, Chief Executive Officer, Freespira

9:10am PST

Keynote Panel Discussion: Combining Human and Digital Therapeutics to Reimagine Healthcare

  • Exploring a hybrid model for healthcare integrating both Digital and Human Therapeutics
  • How can we better educate providers on the benefits of implementing digital into their standard of care?
  • Are clinicians being replaced by digital medicine?
  • What key steps need to be taken before we are effectively utilizing a hybrid model of healthcare?

Moderator: Chan Yoon, Founder & CEO, EverEx

Benjamin Alouf, Chief Medical Officer, Limbix

Mohan Santosh, Vice President of Digital, Moffitt Cancer Center

Daniel Emina, Associate Medical Director, Amen Clinics Inc.

Sara Sarkey, Vice President of Neuroscience & Vaccines, Takeda

9:50am PST

Morning Refreshments and Networking

10:20am PST

Presentation: Our Experience with Nationwide Reimbursement of Digital Therapeutics in Germany

  • Regulatory innovation: How DiGA approval combines market access, nationwide reimbursement and price setting
  • Not all PDTx are created equal: Product-specific differences in patient and prescriber adoption
  • What’s next? Moving from point solution provider to blended care platform

Hannes Klopper, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, HelloBetter

10:45am PST

Presentation: How the Access Crisis in Paediatric Mental Health is Straining Families

  • Addressing the increased need for pediatric mental health care and decreasing demand. 
  • What are the core building blocks for digital health solutions?
  • What does success in a post-covid world look like for both families and people who care (providers, payors, employers)?

Craig Lund, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mightier

11:10am PST

Presentation: The Dynamic Duo: App-Enabled Precision Engagement Meets Population Health Management

Komathi Stem, Chief Operating Officer, Glooko

11:35am PST

Closing Panel Discussion: What’s Next for DTx?

  • After three days of talking about everything digital therapeutics, would you say that today we are where we expected to be a year ago?
  • How do we expect the discussions around Adoption, Reimbursement, Regulation, etc. to change by the next DTx West?
  • How can we do better as an industry
  • What are the greatest challenges that the industry must tackle before continuing on an upward trend to success?
  • How can we do better as an industry?
  • What is each panelist’s final piece of advice for the audience?

Brent Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer, Cognito

Frank Karbe, Chief Executive Officer, Better Therapeutics

Shaheen Lakhan, Chief Medical Officer, Click Therapeutics

Jenna Carl, Chief Medical Officer, Big Health

12:20pm PST

Chairs Closing Remarks

Joe Perekupka, Chief Executive Officer, Freespira

12:30pm PST

Close of DTx West 2023

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